About Us

Meet the team behind HQ Car Care, and learn why we created it.

Jayson Smith


Jayson is a Certified Automotive Detailer by the International Detailing Association, a lifelong automotive enthusiast, and possibly the youngest Car and Driver and Road & Track subscriber as a kid. Jayson co-founded HQ with Scott to create a place for like-minded individuals to celebrate their love of cars and collaborate in caring for them properly.

Scott Smith


Scott Smith is the co-founder of HQ Car Care. With a passion for technology from a young age and a love of detailing since the time he could drive a car, HQ is how Scott brings together his two greatest passions in life, Detailing and Tech.

Our Mission

When Jayson and Scott (who are not related) got together to create HQ, the obvious question of "What is our Purpose?" was the first thing that needed an answer. They quickly determined that HQ was to be a hub for everything that matters to automotive enthusiasts. Whether it's providing high quality car care products, providing educational material and how-to guides, or reviewing the latest and greatest automotive toys, everything we do.

How do we accomplish this?

Put simply: We create content that helps you. What does this include? How-to’s, videos, reviews, recommendations, and products that put your car in the spotlight, making sure that you’re able to keep your ride looking good. The entire team at HQ is obsessed with our cares and their appearance (and performance). What does this mean? The content you see is made by a group of people who care, real car enthusiasts supporting other enthusiasts.

Want to join our team?