BMW Spotlight: Jarrett's San Marino Blue F80 M3

Did you order your car or find it in stock? If ordered, why did you choose the color you ultimately picked, and what was your order timeline like? Ordered. I had a 2015 M3 in the same color and I got a 2018 when the lease was up in the same color. I originally saw an M6 driving on a summer day in front of me and knew when I could get my next BMW that I wanted it in that color. I waited around 4 months the first time and a little less the second. Why this car? What drew you to the specific model that you picked? I’ve always been a BMW fan. My first car was a 2003 325xi in gray, from there I got a 2011 335 in Lemans Blue. That was when I realized I really liked blue cars. From the time I owned my first BMW I knew I wanted to move up the range and looked forward to the time when I could afford an M car. I had considered many M cars previously, like an E90 M3 or E60 M5 in Interlagos. When the time came where it made financial sense, those cars were no longer easy to find in a manual and I also was drawn by the power and aggressive looks of the new F80 M3. List your order specs: The Factory Specs: - Individual San Marino Blue - Black Full Merino Leather - 6MT - Carbon Fiber Trim - Drivers Assistance - Executive Package - 19" Silver Double-Spoke 437 M - Carbon Fiber Roof List all modifications: - Gloss Black Grill Surrounds - M Performance Side Vents - Lowered on MPerformance Suspension - 15MM Spacers - Litespeed Racing Wheels 19x9.5 ET17 265/35 and 19x11 ET39 305/30 on Michelin PS4S - Tinted 20% all around / 80% on windshield - VRSF Downpipes - BMS Intake - JB4 - Burger Tuning Intakes - Burger Tuning OCC - LED Reverse Lights - Clear Bra'd Entire Car w/ Suntek PPF - Ceramic Pro - Color matched front / rear reflectors - Color matched keyhole delete - Status Gruppe Front Lip - Status Gruppe Rear Finned Diffuser - Status Gruppe Side Skirt Extensions - RW Carbon M4 Style Trunk Spoiler - Carbon fiber exhaust tips - BootMod3 OTS Stage 2 Did you face any challenges modding the car? Any tips or tricks for anyone looking at purchasing some of the same items you’ve installed? Not particularly. I didn’t actually do any of the hard stuff myself. I stopped working on my cars heavily when I met some good techs and realized doing things on a lift is a lot easier. I’ve previously done suspensions, downpipes, custom meth installations and various other engine work in the driveway and have learned how things never go as planned. I still do all the installation of external mods like lips, side skirts and minor engine stuff like tunes and intakes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working on my car, but since I don’t own a lift it makes doing certain things not enjoyable. I’ve lent a hand while installing suspension and downpipes but working with a tech makes things go a lot smoother. As for purchasing I spent a lot of time reading and reviewing vendors on the forums and picking my parts carefully. Checking with others who had previously bought parts is always a good idea to see that the fitment or quality is actually as good as the photos.