BMW Spotlight: Reggie’s Moonstone Metallic F80 M3

Did you order your car or find it in stock? If ordered, why did you choose the color you ultimately picked, and what was your order timeline like?

I ordered my car at the end of November, 2017. I choose this color because it’s one of the BMW colors I’ve always loved; and said I would order, when given the chance. The timeline in which the car was put into production and completed felt rather quick, however, the shipping and delivery took longer than I anticipated. This was mainly due to bad weather in the Northeast. I took delivery towards the end of March.


Why this car? What drew you to the specific model that you picked?

In my honest opinion, I feel there aren’t too many cars that give a bang for your buck like the M3 in regards to performance, looks, and daily drivability. Don’t get me wrong, there are cars in it’s class that may be more powerful or have more options, however none really check off every box for me like the M3 does.


List your order specs:

Kept it simple:
Moonstone Metallic
Sahkir Orange
Executive Package



List all modifications:

Car has full Xpel PPF (installed by Exclusive Vinyl)
Grill inserts, emblem, painted reflectors
M3/M4 CS Front Lip
Vorsteiner style rear diffuser
PSM trunk Spoiler
JL Motoring side skirts
3 piece 501 BLK wheels
KW V3 coilovers
Full AWE non resonated exhaust
FabSpeed Downpipes
RKTunes front mount intakes
RKTunes burble tune
Full GTS coding (steering,diff,mdm)
IND red start button
Dinnman alcantera/carbon fiber steer wheel
Full custom alcantera interior/w M tri-stitching
Carbon fiber seatback covers



Did you face any challenges modding the car? Any tips or tricks for anyone looking at purchasing some of the same items you’ve installed?

I didn’t really face any challenges getting anything on the car. Anything I couldn’t do myself was done by the guys at Exclusive Vinyl (cosmetic wise).

I will note that the KW V3s came off my previous F80 and the EDC deletes were not direct plug-ins, there are blue guides on the new EDC plugs that can just be shaved down to make it fit.

My only advice or tip in ordering any part is try to do as much recon before hitting that purchase button. If you have to reach out to the retailer and be an annoying customer for a few moments, I suggest it (They’ll probably hate me for saying that). I only say that because nothing is worse than receiving an item you stalked on tracking and it either doesn’t fit the car the way you wanted or you don’t like the the way it looks.

Scott Smith is the co-founder of HQ Car Care. With a passion for technology from a young age and a love of detailing since the time he could drive a car, HQ is how Scott brings together his two greatest passions in life, Detailing and Tech.


  1. Awesome looking build that you got, i was just wondering where you got your alcantera dash done or came that from the factory.

    If you could send me an response in an email i would appreciated

    Thank you

    • He has this done as custom work at an interior shop.


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