BMW Releases New Individual Visualizer

When I was ordering my Hera Mica Blue M3, the original BMW Individual Visualizer was a great tool for me, especially seeing as it was the way in which I was able to get the paint code that my CA needed to get the color approved. The downside, however, was that the original visualizer only allowed you to view different paint options, nothing more, nothing less. BMW’s new visualizer is nothing short of amazing, allowing you to pick from 100+ paint choices, extra wheel options, and even the ability to visualize bicolor leather options. At time of writing, the tool is limited to customizing 5, 7, and certain M series models. To use the tool, you start by picking your Series, Bodystyle, and Model, once selected, you begin customization by picking your wheels. Next, you move on to Body Paints, where you’ll have the option to pick from “Serial Paints”, meaning non-individual, standard choices, or “Special Paints”. “Special Paints” contains over 100 colors that you can visualize on the car of your choosing. It's also a great way to see the colors that are currently in the BMW Individual collection. After paint, you move on to the interior. For certain models, you’ll be presented with a “Special Upholstery” option, which is where things really get exciting. This section not only allows you to see all of the different ways in which you can configure seats using a bicolor design, but to also actually choose your two colors and the deviated stitching color. I’ve chosen Mugello Red as my primary, with Black as a secondary and stitching color. Once configured, the visualizer will show you exactly what your new interior will look like. Lastly, you’ll have the choice to pick your trim and any other options like MPerformance parts or other upgrades.
My final exterior design. Hera Mica Blue with an MPerformance front lip, black grills, black sidewall bars, and side skirt extensions.
Overall, this new tool from BMW is an amazing asset to buyers looking to order their new cars with individual options. Previously, individual options were sometimes hard enough just to find out about, and even harder to visualize. Now, you can customize to your heart's content and get a good look at what your next BMW might look like. Check it out at: