Why HQ

Our mission: bring inspiration and innovation to the discerning auto enthusiast.

HQ is a New York City-based automotive care & products company founded by award winning digital veterans and entrepreneurs seeking to re-imagine how a performance-driven brand can meet the passions of an enthusiast community in modern life.

Our founders are both lifelong automotive enthusiasts, and often were left pondering how discovery, curation, and purchasing of automotive care products could be made more enjoyable. Aligning around 'simple truths' which are at the core of HQ's purpose. 

How do you get car care right?

  •     Start with a community of passionate enthusiasts.
  •     Sell products that are at the pinnacle of value and performance.
  •     Offer it at a price that is good for everyone.
  •     Pride ourselves on excellent customer care and support.
  •     Everyone deserves our best.
  •     Our best is what we provide to everyone.

HQ Comes Alive

Our assortment of retail products cover different extremes, highly formulated protections that are fit for the most discerning enthusiasts, and products for everyday functionality that are suitable for any vehicle and any experience level to apply and manage. Whether you are new to car care or an industry veteran, HQ always has your back through our support and service team.

Welcome to HQ.