Glassparency Review - The new standard in glass coatings?

Glassparency is a two part windshield coating that is made in the USA and formulated unlike any other windshield coating I’ve tried. Most everything I’ve tested thus far has been a single layer, one part application. Glassparency has an “A” wipe and a “B” wipe, containing different chemicals that are meant to form the protective layer together. The “A” wipe helps to level out of the surface of the glass and fill some of the micro imperfections that could prevent the “B” wipe from laying down as evenly and smoothly as possible. The “B” wipe is what gives you the hydrophobic effect. In full disclosure, I recently started working for Glassparency, however, this review is my independent opinion based on my personal experience with the product. I plan on providing a longevity update in a few months once the product has been on the car for some time. Initially, it is worth noting that Glassparency is a professionally installed product. The application process, while simple for the installer, does need to be done in a specific order and as per Glassparency’s exact recommendations, otherwise you might wind up with an application that does not fully bond to the windshield. As such, installation by an authorized professional ensures that the product is always being applied in a way that will provide the best results. For this test, we're applying the product to a family members BMW X3.
The 2 step application kit
I’ll briefly touch on the application process, so you can get an idea of what goes into a Glassparency installation. Before anything, you need to clean the glass and get it ready for coating. To do this, Glassparency includes a “Cream Cleanser” in the installation kit, along with a scrub pad. Your installer would wet the windshield, put some cleanser on the scrub pad, and scrub the windshield clean, removing any contamination or road film that might prevent the coating from fully bonding.
Cleaning the windshield using Cream Cleanser
Once the windshield is clean and fully decontaminated, the installer will move on applying the “A” wipe onto the windshield. The wipe comes pre saturated with the appropriate amount of chemical, and gets applied to the windshield in a cross hatching pattern. After the A wipe is applied, the installer moves directly on to the “B” wipe, which is applied in the same fashion. As soon as the “B” wipe starts to move across the windshield, you can see the hydrophobic effect start to take place.
Applying the "A" wipe to the windshield
Once both wipes are applied, the residual product is removed using cold water and a microfiber towel and given a final dry buff with a microfiber to remove anything that remains. The amazing thing about Glassparency is that has no cure time. It is instantly hydrophobic, and you can drive right out into the rain with no issues.
The immediate hydrophobic effect you get as soon as the application is complete
Thus far, I’ve been impressed by the hydrophobicity of the windshield, and specifically at how low of a speed I’ve seen the water start to fly away. In a market where so many products are just rebranding of the same chemical, Glassparency stands out, both in application and usage. The product is made in the USA, and is sure to impress you in the first rain storm you get caught in. Following application, Glassparency recommended maintenance every 3 months to keep the coating fresh. Maintenance is completely free, and can be done by your installer, or, you can choose to have Glassparency directly mail you maintenance solution for free if you cannot or do not want to return to the shop that frequently for maintenance. It is refreshing to see a product that makes honest claims about longevity, and backs them up. Glassparency never claims it will last 3 years with no maintenance, but with free maintenance that takes you you all the way up to 3 year mark, its a no-brainer. For more information, visit Glassparency by clicking here.