The Winding Roads of Hawk’s Nest, New York

I recently took the opportunity to visit Hawk’s Nest, NY. Oddly enough I have been here once before, it was 1996 and I was tubing down the Delaware River at a week away summer camp. I remember one of the counselors pointing to the stretch of road carved into the cliff saying ‘car commercials are filmed there’. So here I am, almost 25 years later! (a little late for the show right?) Today encompassed what was pretty much a perfect day in the northeast. Low humidity, temps near 80. My trek to get to this location involves leaving my house in Morris County, NJ and snaking my way up the winding roads of 23, through New Jersey's High Point State Park and up to Port Jervis, NY. There are some excellent roads in the Delaware Water Gap area, and you can get in some great runs provided you don't get stuck behind a dreaded out-of-state minivan doing less than the posted limit. That said, Hawk’s Nest is very crowded and patrolled closely by state police so definitely not a place to wind it out unlesss you like being 'that guy' pulled over with two state police behind you.

Thoughts on the 2015 Subaru BRZ

I can’t state enough how much of a blast this car is to drive on mountain roads. The lore behind the vehicle states that the designers were inspired to tune it for the twisty ‘Hakone Turnpike’ located in the mountains two hours outside Toyko. Just a few minutes on any twisty mountain road and you will see how natural the vehicle is in the environment. I would rather be ringing out the BRZ at 9/10ths on the twisty roads around Hawk's Nest any day of the week over my F80 M3. Being able to have so much fun with the platform and not reach triple-digit warp speeds in seconds can be a blessing.

Car: Coated in Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light, topped with P&S Beadmaker.